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Bottle up and unleash your brand!

The most recognisable brands in the world were, at one time, fledglings in their particular market.  But they knew what was required to market their products to make them globally recognisable – a bottle prototype.

Top brands know the importance of packaging prototyping, especially when it comes to bottles.  They know that when launching a new brand or product it is vitally important for their future customers (retailers, stockists etc.) to be able to see and touch the product before it is mass produced.

A cost-effective solution to selling your product

Producing bottle prototypes is much more cost-effective than you would imagine.  The last thing you need is to spend a large proportion of your budget on a production run of the real thing, only to find that your investors or possible customers dislike the way the product is presented.

By working with a specialist bottle prototyping company, you will benefit from their expertise and be able to develop a design that reflects the true meaning of your brand.

These prototypes, or models, are perfect for use in photography, market research, advertising, and client presentations.  They are a cost-effective, tangible solution to the marketing of your product and because Link hand-finish and tool every prototype, they’re able to offer the inclusion of intricate, seamless details that you simply wouldn’t get from a bottle prototype elsewhere.

Develop your product for maximum impact with a Link bottle prototype

Providing perfect representations of glass or plastic bottles, prototypes can be produced as hollow or solid 3D models, clear or opaque, and with intricate detailing if required.  It allows companies to develop their product and brand so that it makes maximum impact when it finally goes into production and onto the market.

Link Packaging Prototypes have been providing 3D packaging solutions to many of the world’s major brands in the drinks, food, household products, fragrance and cosmetics sectors.  Our high quality bottle prototypes can be seen on supermarket shelves around the world.

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