Hollow Models, Created Fast

Specialists in the production of packaging prototypes

A packaging prototype company with a difference!

Whether you want to update an existing product or develop a new product, Link Packaging Prototypes are here to help.  We are a specialist packaging prototype company who produce hollow plastic bottle prototypes for some the most high profile brands across the world.

As a specialist packaging prototype company, we understand the importance of a company’s brand. Our experienced designers will work with your sales and marketing team to develop a product that will become instantly recognisable and stand out from your competitors.

Our bottle prototypes are extremely realistic and are the perfect representations of glass or plastic bottles.  Our hollow bottle prototypes can be produced in clear or opaque plastic, filled with liquid if required, and we can even add intricate detailing to the bottle so that they look identical to the real thing.


Use a packaging prototype company to get it right

We do not do rapid prototypes like some other companies, but we are able to offer a fast turnaround to meet your timetables.  Our team will work around the clock if necessary to get your prototype to you for when you need it.  You will find that our bottle prototypes are of higher quality and of greater accuracy than those of other suppliers.

Brand owners, marketers and agencies turn to a packaging prototype company to turn their creative vision into a reality.  It enables them to see and feel the product for themselves.  It allows them to make sure that the product has the right image for their brand and has the right ‘feel’ before they commit their funds to full production.

Discover what a packaging prototype company can do for you

We are able to provide a cost effective solution that allows us to create production quality bottle prototypes which are a perfect tool for a number of sales and marketing uses such as photography, market research, advertising and client presentations.

Why commit your valuable marketing budget to developing your brand without having tested your product out using a bottle prototype?  To find out how much a bottle prototyping service from a specialist packaging prototype company can help your company’s brand, contact us today by either clicking here to complete our contact us form, or telephone us on 01707 331991.  Our team will be only too happy to help you with any questions you may have.

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